A social entreprise approach to prostitution: experience so far

It was a crazy idea: Creating a fair trade label for prostitution. We nevertheless won an award at an entrepreneurship event in 2012. And the more we worked on it, the more we had the impression that this could have a huge positive impact. We just didn’t consider prostitution as something that should be prohibited, […]

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The idea of the label

Our label certifies the following:

  • Legal requirements: the sex workers are consenting adults, pay taxes and have health insurance,

  • Knowledge: the sex workers are informed on their rights,

  • Wellbeing: the sex workers have regular health checkups, access to a counselor, legal advice, and social services.

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This project is ambitious. We believe that we can get there. But we need the support of all organisations that work in the field of prostitution, particularly NGOs and sex workers organisations. If you are one of them, please contact us.

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